Posted: October 15, 2020 in depression, LIFE AND STUFF, love
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Sitting here, 11 pm, thinking about you, and those good memories, mixed with the bad, still make me smile.

I wish you were here, to see what I’ve become, the travelling down the road, without you by my side, like we planned on to do, forever and ever, there for each other.

But things happen, death happens, life goes on for the living, you, still young and happy, me, old and okay, I guess, won’t say I’m happy but I’m not doing bad.

Good times, mixed with okay, swirled in with the bad, just to make life exciting, bumps in the road, keeping it real.

I sip life as if it is a fine wine, to savior, in that midnight hour, to feel it with great pride.

Depression, that strange beast, wanders into my life, to kiss me, to embrace, hold me under those waves, trying to drown me in sadness.

I break free for a few minutes and break through, breathing, those greats rush of air, filling my lungs, to be pulled back one more time.


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