Games played – An eye on the world – A Poem

Posted: September 11, 2020 in fiction, poems, POETRY, random shit, Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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Oh kill yourself world,
To cleanse those dastardly deeds,
Done against her,
That Mother Earth,
Brought on by political games,
To gain,
To earn,
As all games played,

I saw,
With my own eyes,
The dying of the light,
To be,
A simple death,
But to live,
In such a world,
Is such a Hell.

I saw with my eyes,
The fanning of the flames,
To quench the need
For endless wars,
And bias in the ranks,
Demon words,
Spoken with Patriotism,
So as not to spook the sheep,
The unwinding of the clock,
Tis 11:59 and the world is not sad,
Tis life,
Good night.


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