A Song to that Life — A POEM

Posted: August 4, 2020 in poems, POETRY, Song lyrics
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I can’t remember,
Where I went before,
I can’t see,
That memory,
A soft kiss,
Have you ever heard,
The last breathe,
To escape your lips?

Who cares,
Ain’t nobody bringing the game,
Ain’t no life,
Ain’t no death,
Just a spiraling black hole,
The night was a hot mess,
Standing in the middle of a tune,
On the skin of Lucifer,
That ultimate pleasure,
Tears from Heaven,
Pouring down,
Flaming trees,
The end of it all,
To madness,
We go,
Driving down the road,
A stop in Memphis,
Two dollars Pepsi,
A room with a view,
Preaching to the news,
Cut to the bone,
Depressive themes,
A shot rings out,
Everybody bleeds,
Lives on borrowed time.

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