Madness of that Generation – A Blackout, Cutup of Allen Ginsberg’ Howl…

Posted: July 11, 2020 in beat generation, Google Art, poems, POETRY, random shit, Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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Allen Ginsberg reads “Howl” (Big Table Chicago Reading, 1959)

A definition and historical reference to “Blackout poetry” can be found here. I’d like to call my rendition, “Cutup and rework” as inspired by the likes of Brion Gysin and William S. Burrough.

I worked a piece of what I call “Google Art” hitting the Google images, typing in random thoughts, words, ideas, as they hit my brain and open up Photoshop and just being creative, cutting up and moving around words, adding my own as I see fit, am inspired by whatever at the time.

I add my words just for fun and games, a piece to get my brain going, which it needs every so often, a kick start.

William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg shaking their head in that Heavenly space, but smiling none the less

I saw the best generation,
Destroyed by starving,
Hysterical naked,
Angry angelheaded hipsters,
Heavenly connection to the machinery of the night.

Oh madness,
Does it see…
Does it hear,
Those maddening words,
Of that enraged society?

Who tells those,
Down in the ghetto streets,
Who the bell tolls?

Oh giant bells,
To gather up,
All the whores,
The crackheads,
The bishops,
And the Royalty,
Tell them,
The world is near,
The end of that run,
Oh blessed night,
To humanity’s farewell sleep.

To the dogs,
We feed our lies,
Our lives,
We shall not know,
When that time comes,
For we shall be too busy dying,
Into those shallow graves…

Obscene words,
Published on the walls,
Into those dreams,
Of seeping madness,
Falling down rabbit holes,
To seek,
Oh dear me,
To keep falling,
A joy ride into madness,
Roaring into that kind,
To chain themselves,
To unholy flees,
To keep,
Brilliance in that unholy nightmare,
Drinking stale beer,
The jukebox,
Aged themes.

Can you hear me screaming into that sweet goodnight?
Do you not see my madness, seeping out?


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