A Blues Man’s Tale – A Poem

Posted: June 29, 2020 in beat generation, fiction, poems, POETRY, Song lyrics
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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Winter moon keeps me dragging,
Ain’t got no time for bragging,
In the summer time,
I ain’t seen the waters,
I ain’t seen the sun,
All I see are my tear drops,
Falling down from eyes.

Ain’t no time,
For a healing,
Ain’t no time,
For appealing,
In the spring,
Don’t got nothing to bear,
The soul is empty,
The angels are clear,
For the time,
It ain’t bragging,
All I can hear is the pain.

All I know is what I am,
All I see is the raging,
The times,
They a-changing,
And I ain’t got no time to live,
And the tears keep a fallin’
And the thunder rolls away,
There ain’t time for the playing,
Might as well go insane!

There was a time like the present,
Shiny coins in the fountain,
Playing in the rain till morning,
Singing songs about the flames,
Now I sitting here,
Ain’t got no shiny nickels,
The bill man coming at the doorway,
Trying to get his pay.


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