Attracted to a girl — in the pen—-for murder! A song!!!

Posted: May 27, 2020 in Song lyrics
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She wore a yellow ribbon in her hair,
She was a beauty queen,
She killed a man,
Just to watch him die,
I wrote a song to her,
My senior year,
In high school,
She was going to prison,
Won’t be out till 2052,
Maybe sooner,
She still beautiful,
I write her every day,
A song,
Dedicated to her,
And her raven black hair,
The day they found her,
She was covered in blood,
From the man she had killed,
The yellow ribbon,
Wasn’t touched,
It was still yellow,
Not a stain red,
Not even a hue,
She told the police,
He touched her,

*Guitar solo*

I don’t know why,
But I’m attracted to a killer in the pen!!!
I wrote this song,
For her,
To tell her,
I will,
Wait for,
She’ll be 82!!!

  1. Wow .
    Who would have imagined a poem can be made out of this theme .
    Very well done

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