Memories: A Sweet and Delightful Breakdown – An insight into madness: A POEM

Posted: May 11, 2020 in depression, fiction, poems, POETRY, random shit, Random stuff--read at your own risk!, Song lyrics
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Not my usual take on misery and space, delightful culling,
Of memories, liner notes, tossed throughout the room,
Read viciously but without malice,
Those words, so ripe and ready, written at 12:45 in the morning.

Oh my,
How did we get here?
Can you tell me?
Can you tell me with delight?
Did we get so turned around,
We ended up in some twisted novel,
A broken love story?

Oh dear!

Oh my!

Oh my wretched brother,
If we were in different times,
We would not be foes,
But friends,
Yes, a comrade,
I would call you brother,
A friend,

Who there,
Is knocking at my memories,
To be let in?

The door does not open,
The key is broke inside.


I, one blustery, rainy night,
I turned it too hard,
Trapping us all inside,
Like rats,
Stuck on a sinking ship,
Trying to claw our way out.


The sounds of drums,
Against the howling winds,
Oh misery,
You accursed bitch,
Go fuck off,
You make me thin,
Fuck off.

Fuck this.

Where do we go from here?
Up the downside,
Like some diseased whore,
On Fifth and Vine?

Oh dear sweet memories,
When dark turns to light,
Then reverts as quickly back to darkness,
Oh memories, my sweet love,
Come to me,
In dreams,
And let my mind,
Of what really happened.

We kissed on that moon lit night.

Or did we fuck?

I forget.

I digress.


Dear sweet memories,
Oh joy,
Oh sad tears,
An ode,
A sentence of life,
No chance for parole.

To dream.

To live,
In satin cloth,
To dream,
Oh dear,
Blessed sleep,
That fair night,
That moon,
Swaddling me,
Embracing me,
Till we meet again,
Oh my dear,

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