America — A Descent into that Cosmic Madness — A Poem Written under the Influence of Transgression

Posted: April 11, 2020 in beat generation, fiction, LIFE AND STUFF, poems, POETRY
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You worthless whore,
Has ruined you,
Taken what she can get,
And honey,
And turned it,
Into a disease,
On the wall,
In the mind,
Citizens burned,
For lack of funds,
That dream,
Wrapped in our flag,
Glorious red, white and blue,
And dunked,
Oh fuck you,
Into a vat,
Of rancid shit,
And puke.

God damn your atom bomb,
Your Ford in every garage,
Your cure for being fat,
Do not eat,
Do not eat,
You fucking wide ass,
Do not eat,
You ain’t got a dollar,
And the rent is due.

Feel that pulse,
Bulging in between your eyes,
Is that the dream,
We fell for?

We were driving through the night,
High on life,
Too many doses,
Huffing on gasoline,
Fifty miles outside Las Vegas,
The reports of our demise,
For the press,
To release,
Something about our disease.

Strippers were colonized,
Dropped from the sky,
Trapped in a dream,
Made of fetish wear.

The night was our friend,
The end,
Before the story even began,
She was high,
I was dead.

No more.

No less.

I can’t stand my own mind,
Standing there on the corner,
Waiting for a bus,
Ripping off my own skin.



Fuck this place.

Jets flying over place,
John Glenn,
A mad race into space,
Jupiter passes,
As our life dies,
In a sweep of lies,
Calling all that madness,
Our lives,
Rushed through the lines.


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