The End of the World – or not. A POEM

Posted: February 28, 2020 in poems, POETRY
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Sweet voyages,
Across a broken plain,
The sweetness of the air,
How can you tell a dream,
From when you are awake?

The world was exploding,
The madness of the time,
Time slipped into a deathly coma,
One soulless being at a time,
Help me father,
I’m sinking into this pit,
I cannot live like this,
Mother, can you hear me,screaming?

Is this reality,
Or just some fucked up dream?

I would yell for help,
But I have no voice,
I would scream,
Into that madness,
But my mouth is gone.

Where do we go from here,
Oh sweet life?
Where do we go from here?


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