The History Before the White Man – a prologue to a story

Posted: January 13, 2020 in Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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Before the white man or the Wasi’chu made their appearance into our lands, our world, we were the Mother’s people.

She, the Mother Earth, gave us the great herds of buffalo which gave us food, clothing, shelter and our tools.

We were a peaceful people, only at war when times required it. We were not feared but were respected as we still are, even by the Wasi’chu, the people of the sky and water.

Our ancestors’ hearts were proud.

The wind was our breathe, the sun our gaze, the earth our bed.

Our chiefs were chosen by the Mother Goddess before they were even conceived.

We were the first people, the first to make the trek across the great land bridge. The first to touch those great lands, our voices became that song of this great land.

We were born from Mother Earth and when the time came, we were return to that Earth, to be reborn.

My father was a young chief when the Wasi’chu came.

He made the first treaty with them, they would move quietly through our lands and in exchange we would be allowed to live as we had.

Their great leader had promised.

He had giving his word.


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