In Tribute to Madness – Insanity Written Down

Posted: December 11, 2019 in poems, POETRY, random shit, Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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Wordless voices,
Ringing out,
In silent songs,
Against the howling winds,
The storm blows in from the end of the world,
Signs in broken windows,
Trying to keep out the storm,
The high walls fall,
Scattering as they hit,
Rejoice sadly,
In tribute to madness,
A great insanity,
Written down,
For historical reference for that present,
To the future we progress,
Revert to a worse time.

Sacred wine poured from Pepsi bottles,
Straight into urinals,
To drain to those masses,
Who shall think of it as rain,
They will not know better,
And we will not destroy their dreams,
Look, my friends, it is raining, a golden rainbow in the sky.

That madness,
To hear the night scream,
Too bright,
Strained against the eyes,
Fleeing fleas,
A disease,
Good night.


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