A World in A Shade of Purple Haze – A POEM

Posted: December 10, 2019 in poems, POETRY, random shit, Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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That world which we did not see,
Could not see, beyond our noses,
Our eyes wide shut,
Feelings, a worthless emotion,
Of love,
Versus hate,
That world we are born into,
Dying from the start,
In a fucked up place,
We are,
In our mind’s eye,
An infection wandering through,
That mindless place in space.

A trumpet plays,
Oh dear song,
Not sung,
By a choir,
Or a single voice,
Into that night,
We raged,
Our fists held high,
Into the storm it played,
A song,
A song,
We did not hear,
But felt in a different place.

The masses flowed through the line,
Down the way,
The sacred song did play,
A beautiful serenade,
Into oblivion,
We did play.

The lights go down,
The curtain rises,
The play is about to begin,
The trumpet plays.

The world, a sinful place,
Fucked up,
Drizzle rain,
We my friends, do not need a knife,
For we have guns.

There, in the moonlight,
The light plays trickery,
A dance an illusion,
The wind our partner,
Taking us away,
Into sweet bliss,
Our grave our final bed,
Good night my sweet life,
Till we meet again, I say,
Good night!


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