I kill that silence in that deep good night — A POEM

Posted: October 23, 2019 in poems, POETRY
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I kill that silence in that deep good night – A poem

Silence, weep to that Heaven dear,
That wind, blowing softly, terrifying in its aggression,
Silently building, mouthing deep words,
Meaning nothing in their context to those who watch,
Masterful whirling of light, into deep fantastic shapes,
Brought from that mind, to hear thy voice,
Calling to me, oh dear sweet, my love,
In spirit,
In dream,
I kill that silence in that deep good night,
A soft kiss,
Upon your sweet lips,
A memory,
Fading, with the passage of time,
How I weep, here on that same stage, we call life,
To see,
Oh fallow silent sins,
Burrowing through cursed flesh,
Meat bag,
Mere mortal,
I drift through a cosmic way,
High, low, that middle place,
Oh dear sweet, my life, my soul,
A long good night, at the door,
Your body, next to mine, embraced,
That night, embedded, endless loop,
A broken sound track,
Mistake in that memory,
Those words we said,
Now forgotten,
Or erased,
Settling into a pace,
A race,
Against time,
Spirits dance around me,
I shall wait, my blessed life,
My love,
Till that day…


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