War Machine – A Poem

Posted: April 21, 2019 in fiction, poems, POETRY
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War Pigs

The sirens are blaring;
The Generals are gathering;
The War Machine;
That evil plot;
Is grinding;
In the field,
The dead,
Are dying,
The babies,
Are crying,
The Good Guys,
March forward,
The Bad Guys,
The media heads,
Tell us,
We’re doing right,
Killing babies,
In the name of,
For Freedom,
Do not allow,
Them to grow up,
To become,
Even more.

The Machine,
Is plowing through the Evil men,
Who says they are evil?
The Talking Heads,
The Politicians,
Though they never will march,
For Freedom,
For Democracy,
Spreading the lies,
Spreading the hate,
Killing in the name of Peace,
Killing in the name of Jesus.

The Darkness,
Fills our minds,
Hate becomes rage,
Rage becomes bombs,
Dropping from the sky,
But by the War Machine,
They all must be punished,
For the Talking Heads,
For the Politicians,
They say,
We must,
We must,
For Democracy,
The price we pay,
The way we hate.

The sins of ourselves,
Cleansed by the raining bombs,
We bring peace,
Through those bombs,
“Thou shall not kill…”
Becomes muted,
With that War Machine,
Murder, death, kill,
Becomes Democracy!


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