Johnny’s Dream: An overdose suicide release

Posted: April 17, 2019 in depression, fiction, poems, POETRY, Song lyrics
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He didn’t leave a note, he didn’t have any time…


Many years ago, I wrote another version of this poem, I lost that copy, it was on some site, written down in a note book I kept, lost the site, as sites do close, and the notebook?

Who knows!

Johnny’s on the bathroom floor, 
He doesn’t stir a beat,
He doesn’t even hardly breathe,
Of a better place, 
Eyes wide open, 
Staring up at the ceiling,
He hears the voices,
He hears someone screaming,
He doesn’t care anymore, 
Sister tries the door, 
Tries to break it down, 
He’s just there, 
Lying on the floor, 
Dreaming of a better place,
Dreaming of a better time,
He’s high,
Above it all, 
He just there, 
Lying on the bathroom floor, 
Sister opens up the door, 
But it’s too late, 
Johnny’s on the bathroom floor, 
He doesn’t care anymore, 
He is flying above it all, 
His soul free, 
His body just lying there on the floor. 

  1. Natalie says:

    I care about you too much to read this one.

    • Assadicthorn says:

      Read it damn it, it not about me!! I r happy!!! I got good news!! Me graduated from doctors offices last two days!!!! 😀 Most of my poetry is sad stuff even when I’m upbeat and positive!! I NOT SUICIDAL!!! Trust me!! ~hug~

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