Untitled – Mercy of the End – Poem

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I’m dying of thirst,
In a sea of misery.
Running away,
From a memory.
Dreams become reality,
In a time of the reckoning,
Love will be lost!

Fire, Dance,
In sect,
Of Desect,
To not hear that blessed voice,
To not see that blessed face,
Wandering through a cursed land,
Flail, Flail, Fail, Misery encased in blind rage,
The sun burns us to the crisp,
Reach out,
Death is not an honor to be fulfilled,
In the wilderness,
We witness the pain,
All the children,
Passed that moment of insanity,
To creep,
Waiting for the sun to rise,
To burn,
To scorch,
Into that distant space,

There’s danger,
On the tracks,
Wondering when the disaster will hit,
Ride the highway,
Ride, to feel, to scream,
The ancient sighs of merriment, In case!





I don’t know!!!

The end?


The old man felt his skin release and fall to the floor, the dancers twirled around him, flaming tom-toms in their hands, flailing around them, with a grace.

He felt life leaving, drifting away into the black cosmos that began to fill his eyes.

He was dying, he knew it, his children knew it, no one could stop it, he was born dying, from that first cry, to that last cry, he stood from the ground and walked on down the hall, the scorpions at his feet pierced his skin with each step, there was no pain, only laughter in his voice.


“Yes son?”

“I want to kill you!”

The voices dimmed to murmurs, silence, then eruptions of screams from the doorways he passed, death, life, birth, sex, fuck, fuck, death, death, kill, life, shit, mother, father, son, holy ghost, crap, shit, shit, die.

He could move no further down the hall, the wall blocked his way, his body denied him steps and then he fell forward, grasping the air.

“This is the end, my beautiful friend…” the voices said “We set you free…”


The End.


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