Black Monday — on a Broken Tuesday — A Poem

Posted: January 22, 2019 in LIFE AND STUFF, poems, POETRY, Random stuff--read at your own risk!, Uncategorized
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Tonight, I decided to create a new blog, someplace to write just some random thoughts in poetry, words, music, just another place to write, and not break the motions of my other blogs.

This poem was written as part of a larger blog, not necessarily aimed at the System we find ourselves in but yes, it is aimed at that system.

You can read the whole blog here —- The Poet’s Mind Field.

Standing in a circus of broken fleas;I have seen,

With these two eyes,

Open wide shut,

Children crying,

From hunger,

From sickness,


From the diseases,

Mothers crying,


No hope,

Their children dying,

They weep,

For lack of not trying,

Vying for opportunities,

Raising their arms,

To Heaven’s grace,

Praying to Unseen gods,

‘Spare us, oh Lord, feed us, we shall honor your name!’

And the words go unheard,

The tears turn to rain,

The child dies,

More tears,

No relief,

From these times,

There is no sign,

No ways,

What is this freedom that they speak?

Slavery to time,

Slavery to feats,



Ready themselves,

For the breaks do not come,

The waves pound them into ground,

Dust to dust,

They are lifted,

Into the wind,



Heated delirium of words spoken,




The lies begin,

I shall be,


Hell, the merriment of wisdom,

Lost in translation,

To color outside the lines,

Give me strength o’lord!


Trailer on broken wheels, 

Sinking ground,

Water polluted,

Sulfer tasting,

Too poor for the man to care,

Throwing their back to the wheel,

In hope to make themselves better,

But pushed farther into unending black pit,

Forever spiraling down,

Hoping to hit bottom,

But giving up,


Ever down,

And the man does not care,

He has his,

And that is all that matters!!

“They make enough on minimum wage! If they want, they can better themselves like I did!” the man says, wandering away to let the poor drown in that pit.

  1. a.mermaid'spen_ says:

    This one is really sad.

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