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Long day comin’
A long life indeed,
Into the brutal winds,
We see ourselves,
To hear that moaning of the wind,
Blowing through the trees,
The dying inside,
Weeping alone,
Into the sky,
That misery,
In aliments of man,

December 12th, 1983, Mary was dying, cancer.

Doctors only gave her weeks.

Her family, some she hadn’t seen in years, gathered about, tears, were they real?

Probably not.

She passed away in January.

It was a Tuesday, early morning haze, sun barely rising through it all, distant mountains showing their way through that haze, capped in icy crystal snow.

I was dying too, slowly, not as fast, from that day I was born, we all were, some just wouldn’t realize it till it was too late.

Life goes on,
Like a river flowing,
Life goes on,
Like that blue sky rolling,
Life goes on,
Summer breezes,
Through that winter,
Calling me home,
Through those pines,
Up into herald mountains,
To that place I remember,
Like the river that flows below
Those blue skies that roll.

Summer breezes,
Rolling freely like a stone,
Rolling down that mountain,
I am going home.

Long day,
No one comes any more,
See you when the May is done,
And the light is dimming bright,
Sell me oh Lord,
To that ground,
For deep sleep,
Do not weep,
Do not care,
I am no longer here,
But free,
Live like the river flows,
To the sea,
Be free,

When I die,
Do not gather at my feet,
Do not weep,
Do not cry,
Do not lie,
On how I was,
But where I am,
A spirit,
On the wind,
Free, free…


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