Hide inside yourself – Razor Blades: A POEM

Posted: January 16, 2019 in depression, fiction, LIFE AND STUFF, poems, POETRY, Random stuff--read at your own risk!, Song lyrics
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Do you want to run away,
Hide your face inside your pain,
Wear your mask to hide your pain?

Dry your eyes,
Lie in bed,
See tomorrow through glasses of shade,
Hazy eyes, see broken dreams,
Expand into the mind,
To find the world,
Deeply scarred from razor blades.

When you close your eyes,
Do you see the rainbow through the haze?
Do you hear the reason for the life of an angel high above?

Do you see forever?
Hear the angels calling you?
Do you feel immortal in the rain?

Long day dying,
Among the stars floating high above,
In rage inside,
To hear the call from all around,
No one comes around anymore,
To see you,
When the May has come and gone,
To fly away,
To the sun,
And the light is dimming away,
Don’t give me the time,
Live like the river flows,
Down to the shore,
Live like the river lows,
To the morgue…


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