1940s-WW2-World-War-2-Combat-Double-Exposure-Odd-Vintage-Photo-Military-Men-Soldiers-Fire-ExplosionWe were standing at the wall,
When the world began to fall,
Where was the outrage,
When they died,
Those heroes,
With no lines,
In a song,
Just blood on the wall,
A name in a sheet,
Those heroes,
No names,
Not even a memory.

In this place,
We would fall,
To rot there,
Our souls lost,
Not even worth a mention,
Except that they gave all.

Their souls,
Wander that field,
Now a memory,
Of that battle,
A small ripple,
Somewhere in faraway time,
Couldn’t happen now,
The young think,
As did those youths back then,
The war to end all wars,
To be followed by another war,
To be followed…

To end all wars,
Is it a reality?


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