Beautiful people inside themselves – Poem

Posted: September 23, 2018 in fiction, LIFE AND STUFF, POETRY, Uncategorized
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Beautiful people,
Wandering down the streets of the big city,
Awestruck in the beauty of it all.

Of time well spent,
In madness,
How long,
Was I sleeping,
If I was ever born?

Still alive?
Dancing on a pin,
Wandering where we are going,
Someday, we will see,
Dance into the river,
With our souls,
To see that different plane, plain.

Into the night,
We go,
Flying through,
A real time,
Dead on the 4th,
Who has,
Seen the fire in the rain?

The devil,
Plays a song,
To the demons,
The rain,
It stops,
To be consumed,
By the fire!

Beautiful people,
Inside the devil,
Dancing like a fool,
Dancing like the world,
Is on fire!

Time will tell,
What will happen,
To us all,
Dancing on the sidewalk,
Drinking that wine,
Finding that time,
Going insane!


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