Into my loving embrace – A Poem

Posted: September 19, 2018 in LIFE AND STUFF, love, POETRY, Random stuff--read at your own risk!, Song lyrics
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High in the field,
Can you see,
What you do,
To me,
When you’re near,

Walking through a flight,
I can’t sleep,
Cause my my mind,
Is on fire.

The night,
Embraces me,
Trying to make me,
Fall asleep,
But here I lay,
Awash in thoughts,
Of you,
And I,
Engaged in a kiss,
To last,
An illusion in my mind,
To see you,
Standing there,
Waiting for me,
To hear your voice,
Calling me.

We are insane,
Dancers on the flame,
Lovers in the cosmic scene,
Fly away my devilish imp,
Or please return into my embrace,
Lets us dance among the flowers,
Into that sweet dream,
Of you and I,
Forever in love,
To feel our bodies next to each other,
To hear that sweet moans,
To dance once more,
To never let you go.

Don’t you cry,
Let me wipe away those tears,
Hold you,
The dream,
That beautiful one,
Hoping it will never end,
A place I’d like to hide.


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