TRAPPED IN THE DARK WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE ON – a random writing exercise

Posted: August 27, 2018 in POETRY, Random stuff--read at your own risk!, Song lyrics
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Tonight, on another blog site I write on, I wrote this —  TRAPPED IN THE DARK WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE ON A POEM — sometimes, even when I’m happy, my sad poems leak out and get exposed to the world on the screen.

I am kind of depressed, not enough to go walk out into traffic in the hope to be ran down and killed by a passing truck, because well, knowing my luck, I wouldn’t die.

So anyways, I decided to write something here and share the link here for some added views. (Gotta make those pennies over at Adsense!! Giggle!!!) 

Not sure what this blog will be about, maybe nothing, or something.


P.S.  I’m not okay, I promise.


Here I sit,
Trapped in the dark,
With all the lights on,
That feeling,
With a fully unfolded map before me.

Am I okay?
Wearing that mask,
The face of a clown,
Falling up,
Spiraling down,
Depths to hell,
With full sight,
That voice,
Trying to scream out,
Madness deafening.

Tears in the rain,
Washed away,
That fake happiness,
On that face,
Smashed mirror,
Not to reveal the truth,
To hear,
The sound of silence,
To read,
A blank page…

  1. Kripi says:

    Nice poem.I love the ending part .It’s heart touching.

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