WRITE SOME SILLY WORDS – Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow, it ain’t lemon!

Posted: August 8, 2018 in fiction, humor, LIFE AND STUFF, Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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Write some silly words, to that world, where the people dance,
Like silly children,
Staring into the sky,
Looking to be free,
Among those stars,
They stare up into,
Wanting to fly,
To be,

Silence, there, upon the screen,
The words come out,
To be heard,
To be testified,
They are alive,

The colors,
Spread across the canvas,
Into the night sky,
A sun rise,
Human revolution,
Evolution of the mind,
No skin,
Just the words,
To justify,
To hate,
To love,
Reach out,
God forbid,
No way in.

Run away,
Hide your eyes.
Children don’t look,
That senseless death,
By suicide.

Drinking gasoline,
A pilot light,
Sitting by the pool,
The mind released,
Heaven in sight,
There ain’t no Heaven,
There ain’t no Hell,
Except here,
This paradise,
This slum,
This endless hike,
This fucking place,
This beautiful place,
Let us rejoice,
Let us hate,
Let us be,
What shall be,
And nothing more,
Let us be,
What we can be,
Let us be,
Oh Ancient one,
Let us move away from here,
Let us be,
To rejoice,
To hear the angels’ voices,
To hear that beauty,
That song of life,
That song of death,
To hear,
To fear,

There in the moon light I saw her face, like the very first time, a mirage I thought as I sat there, the world closing in, ripping my flesh from my bones.

I cried to her, to come back, to hold me, if only for that moment, that I wished would last forever.

God was a miserable fuck, I thought, to be so cruel.

“It’s a test of your strength!” some friends told me.

I spit in their eye and said, it’s a test of your strength.

They didn’t laugh.

We are born dying; we are conceived for only one thing, to consume, to reproduce, and then, at a predetermined time, to die.

In some cultures, there is a reset, reincarnation for a better term.

We are reborn, to retry and beat our high score in the game of life.

In a previous life, I was told by my friend’s grandmother, I was a barn owl.

She didn’t really tell me that but she did tell me I was an old soul, possibly one of the original souls which meant I sucked at this game of life and really shouldn’t be allowed to play.

But nope, here I am, my 999,999th attempt.

“What’s the score?” I scream into the night air.

“How the fuck should I know!” God screams back.

I should have known.

I would try to go to bed but I’m not sleepy.

So here I sit, the TV turned off, the radio turned on, listening to music and randomly typing on the keyboard; click clack give the dog a bone!

In this life I have learned a few things; mostly don’t pee on the electric fence and don’t eat the yellow snow, it ain’t lemon!

I have learned that love truly does bite; no one should play that game but it can be rewarding, so why not!

When in doubt, reboot.

Nobody should play politics, nobody wins in that game, but if you like peeing on electric fences, you should become a senator.

If a war was held and nobody showed up, would that be peace or just a terribly short war?

Why did Mother Nature create ticks?

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

And did you remember your towel before we began this trip?

Why is this bus heading south, isn’t Seattle west?

I think I may be on the wrong bus, unless Fargo is my last destination, in which case, let us have a hamburger and chips at the next stop.

If not, I better get off and head in the right direction.

Good night my friend, I hope you are well, and not sick.





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