Would the Media really lie to us? A visit to the future world

Posted: July 5, 2018 in Current events, Cyberpunk, fiction, POLITICS, Random stuff--read at your own risk!, War
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Would the Media really lie to us? A visit to the future world

They launched the nukes, that final solution, on July 10th, 2065, the president’s birthday, a grand day indeed as declared by the media drones.

We had been at war with Eurasia.

We had always been at war with Eurasia.

It was the only solution, the killer of giants, the multi-headed dragon, rising from the sea, Sao Lu, leader and Great Mother of that venomous beast, her true name was Diana Dewitt, of Lutherville, Kansas but at the age of 16, she became a leader.

When she was 23, she was “taken out” by an ‘Agent’ of American forces known only as ‘Black 87’ an organization that’s official mission was classified and even the president was ‘Off the list’ when it came to clearance.

We tried to build a wall, it failed.

It was a planned failure, a trick, to control the opinion of the American brainless twats who were controlled by the talking heads on their touch screens, that ’20 second flash’ of news directed by directors of secret places.

“Sao Lu has nukes! She WILL use them first…..” the talking head of Jane Austen said from the screen to the viewers of Fox News live.

She crosses her silk clad legs, left to write, we watched intently.

“We can be nothing but great….” Charles Anderson smiled.

His peppered gray and black hair rustled in the fan generated breeze.

Both nod.


Sao Lu, standing in front of a parade of military vehicles is shown.

There are the missiles, the fangs of her dragons.

We all gasped in horror

“She must be stopped! We can be nothing but great, the victor in this aggression….” President Alan Franklin, previously a contestant on “So you think you can dance….”, sits at his desk, smiling, bright white teeth shining through a shit fake orange tan.

Lu has been dead for 12 months but by the magic of computers, there she stands, split screen to the President who would send Canada back to the stone age.

“They called my dancing crude and unoriginal!” he screamed at his generals.

Congress had been eliminated.

Deemed “Fake and unneeded” in 2022 by an executive order.

The “Majority” spoke.

The Speaker of the House was publically hanged on pay-per-view.

5 billion people watched.

The swamp was drained.

The President’s approval rating was at an all time high.

273 percent.

“He’s the greatest President we have ever had!!!” the masses roared and cheered.


None were available.

But unemployment was at negative twelve percent.

Would the main stream media lie to us?

They might, you silly rabbit, they might.

And we, standing there, rising over all, watched as the missiles launched, our greatest and glorious feat…


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