Dear K-Mart,

I know you’re still alive, out there on that web at and in the real world, brick and mortar places, fewer and fewer each time the Sears monsters throw out a new list of closing stores.

Those monsters closed two of the stores I previously worked at; my first job with you was helping to expand a K into a Big K in New Albany, Indiana back in 1998.

My second job for you was working at the K in Butte, MT as a cashier 2015 to 2016 (a feat the one lady at my next job at Safeway told me was awesome as she thought you were horrible employers. I didn’t. I actually liked you ).

I did get fired from the Butte store for my own stupid mistake but I still cried when I read that my store was shutting its doors.

I wept even more when she shut her doors this April; I still had lots of friends I consider family working there.

2018 was the year the music died for me.

Kmart was my go to place; like that slutty drunken aunty, who isnt your real aunt but you love her more than your real aunt, that bitch Walmart!!

Now, my nearest drunk favorite aunty is nearly 70 miles away one way, in a land known as Indiana (I now live in Louisville, Kentucky)

I know I can log into the website and use my Shop Your Way points to buy some “geniune imitation black leather shoes, $9.95. Buy one get one (BOGO!! I get it now!!!) free!!” but it just isn’t the same as walking into a real-life Kmart, the blue light enticing us to scream in delight.

The store manager chasing us out with a broom. (Yea, the dude at Walmart does the same thing! I think it might be me!)

I know you’re not totally dead yet but it is getting close, like Toys R Us, soon, you’ll be gone, just a memory, something to tell the grandkids about, you and Radio Shack, another of my teen years spent.

Your former stores will be (are) filled with a Peddlers Market or an Adult Erotic Super Warehouse but they still have that Kmart feeling, the service desk still waiting to help you, their garden shops still full of fruits and vegetables, if you go to the peddlers markets.

I won’t say what it is filled with at the Super Warehouse.

Don’t try and guess.

Trust me.

I remember when you made your way into Butte.

Early 90s.

Possibly sooner though my memory is getting foggier as I age too.

You busted through the unions, a major feat in Butte, the first I believe.

This bust through paved the way for Walmart later on, your killer in some way.

You did kill off my Woolworth though, which angered me, but I forgave you.

The blue light was hypnotic.

I miss you K.

Please don’t die Real Time, online just ain’t the same, pushing a cart through your living room naked just isn’t the same as doing it at the K!!

Your loyal Nephew,



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