Posted: May 26, 2018 in LIFE AND STUFF, POETRY, Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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We sat idly by as the world went around us,
Uncaring of anything,
Except what or who passed by us.

The sign on the telephone pole read “Free entry but ya gotta pay to leave”.

We laughed like we were dying, the bottle of cheap wine was nearly empty, another waited to be killed by hungry young minds.

Angel eyes, cast away from angry fucks, to wander into clubs, to taste that forbidden fruit, to sing forbidden songs.

God tried to mug me but I stole his wallet instead.

Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine, Hell is afraid I’ll take over, I’ll live forever or die trying.

Did you see where the world went?

I’m not living,
I’m just breathing,
Till the day I die.

Oh fine young one,
Back to the safety
Of golden halls,
Granite floors,
Not here in the slums,
Broken walls,
The drugs that keep reality away,
Hid away,
Thrown on television screens,
Only when it is for the cause.

We lost our humanity,
Our soul,
To something,
We’ll never know what,
It started out,
But then ending up,
On the side of the road.

And God forbid,
We live,
Without a cause,
Without moment,
To laugh,
To love,
To live,
To freely live.



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