President Trump and The United States of America – my view (maybe)

Posted: May 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

I just read the Prez’s tweets (so he got mixed up with role vs. roll! ) about Stormy affair.

I stand by him.


I too was blackmailed by a porn star back in 1988.

It was awful.

My attorney paid her ($12.98 in tacos!) which I reimbursed him for but did not know he had paid her.

I then had her sign a nondisclosure form, not knowing any of this was going on, but my lawyer said it was all good, it would never surface, even though I didnt know, cause I didnt but I kinda did.

I may have slicked my tater dickie in her mustard hole but I dont know, it was the 80s, who remembers back then!!

So here it is, 2018, and people are all like, HE MUSTA KNOWN!!

He’s the Don, people, days from now, you’ll have moved on to something else, like you did when he made that great impression of that retard (psst, we can use that term now since we have one now as Prezadent!!) And said GRAB DA PUSSY!!! And other things.

But we all remember how he is making America great again right??

America is so great, she’s peeing blood. That’s good right??

In America, a non white individual can walk into a Waffle House and have the police called on them.


And anybody can be sucked out of an airplane, realizing their greatest fear!


To get to the dream, with all those great jobs Trump and his supporters like to moo about, you’ll need five.

Unless you want health insurance, then, 10!!


Yes, moo supporters, I can love it or leave it, or I can exercise my right to hiss and bite the fat man and his demon whores.


And if he can tweet, so can I!!


And no, America didnt elect him, a shitty college with no football team did.



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