Stories from Butte, Montana – Mr. O’Mallery learns a lesson

Posted: July 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Mr. O’Mallery goes to the bar.

It has been a hard week of womanizing, drinking,fighting and some work down in the mine.

He orders a bottle of whiskey.

Irish of course.

“Mr. O’Mallery are you be drinking when your wife is at home nursing seven sick children? Ye should be ashamed!” Mrs. O’Mallery said angerily from the bar’s swinging doors, her eyes missiles.

He smiled, quickly, like a fairy tricking a saint.

“I’m just finding my spirit, love…” he said, drinking his drink.

“Ye better find your spirit quickly or ye be losing it soonly!” She growled revealing a hard round baseball bat from the pleats of her skirt.

He finished his drink quickly and left.

Mr. O’Mallery found his spirit very soon.

He was soon seen nursing seven sick children back to health.


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