I am a homeless bum

Posted: July 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

I have officially been without a roof for a week.

I work, I bust my butt for $8.80 an hour, a union job.

They take out $84 a month in dues.

Figure it out.

I love my town but I’m shivering.

You have probably come through my line.

I was happy.

By the way, I was faking.

Maybe in a week, I’ll,have a house, a bed, a pillow even.

Last night I had enough for a hotel room, a shower,it made enough to make me feel like a human.

Tonight, I sleep outside, a bum, but you’ll come through my line!

You’ll think I make a million how I make you feel.

I wear a mask, I do it well.

  1. Natalie Munden says:

    The only thing I think to consider is perhaps adding something to describe “Your Line.”

    Checkout line?
    Checkout 10 items or less?

    I like the frustrated energy of this post.

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