Anal bleeding and thoughts of Suicide – A Cure for Depression!

Posted: June 6, 2017 in LIFE AND STUFF, POETRY
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Anal bleeding and thoughts of Suicide – A Cure for Depression!

What is society but a bunch of junkies, tax lawyers and such trying to get laid and failing at such?

“I can get laid anytime and anywhere!”

Some people roar while others cry out, almost whimpering in a silent voice, against the dying of the machine, “Fuck society!”

Society is a broken machine, still trying to chug along, plowing into things, people, whistles through the belts, a resource hog.

“Why does society disappoint you?”

Maybe all our heroes are counterfeit, maybe all of them make money off the back of small children.

Maybe this is all an illusion, a horrible dream, one of us needs to wake up, screaming, our lover will hold us, the one who passed away in that horrible place almost five years ago.

We’ll tell her about the horrible dream.

Sadly we’ll wake back up in this world, this is reality, shit reality, but reality nonetheless.

The medication we use to make us “happy” and “:lovable” aren’t working, definitely not curing us from the madness, the rage, it’s not even hiding it into the closet, the fester and mold.

We are a society of pill takers, to cure depression we take a pill that makes us live through thoughts of suicide and anal bleeding just so we won’t be sad.

I’d be fucking sad with anal bleeding let alone thoughts of suicide!!

The voices inside my head say I’ll be okay and that’s fine to me, even better than anal bleeding and thoughts of suicide.

Society is a revolutionary evolution, sliding towards infinity but with a short term life ahead of it.

Creatures moving towards death at a high speed of velocity, a wall in the way, any second.

Rebels without a clue – angry at everything, even the perfect lay, the ultimate fuck.

Listening to the soundtrack of their generation, wishing they could go back to that time, Mary Jane, in the back of the Chevy, fucking like school children on a Friday night, instead working for $7.50 an hour while their wife screws the mail man, doesn’t even know if the kids are his.

Perfect past, dead present, no future – welcome to society…..



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