Letters from the War Front – The Next Generation Marching off to War

Posted: June 2, 2017 in LIFE AND STUFF, War
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Silence in the rain, the company, a band of brothers, young children turned into men by placing a gun in their hands.

Loves kissed goodbye, last time.

Humanity was at war, the war to end all wars, never again would the terror, the bombs would not fall from the sky again.

Or so they said.

It would happen again, a new generation would march off to their death, for freedom and the mother or father land.

Anarchy as the wheels of war moved through the apocalypse, grinding the bones into mother earth.

“Fall out!” on command, they would charge forward, the bullets tearing a few into sweet embrace of death, her kiss the blood running through the soil.

Silence in the darkness, minutes, hours, years, then bombs bursting in air, misery and tears brought to the home front in the form of a letter.

Dear Mrs. Sandra Locks,

It is with deep regret to inform you that your son, Private Williams Andrew Locks, was killed in action…

It was on a Saturday, a sweet summer day, a breeze blowing in from the west.

A clear day.

Sandy felt her legs give out.

Three days before, Doc, as he was known by his friends and family, had written a letter to his mother and Sarah, his fiancee.

July 19th, 1944 –

Dear mom and Sarah,

Hello from the front.

It is very quiet right now so I decided to write this letter to you and Sarah.

I miss you both and even my brother George. I hope that little squirt is taking care of you and the farm like he promised.

When I get back, me and him will be good partners and make that farm the biggest and best in all of Crawford County.

I am counting the days.

I also know my child will be a strong hand too!!

I will be home soon, I have a good feeling, and sitting in the Chevy at the drive in with you, my Sarah.

Give my love to all the family, we moving out tomorrow morning.



The next day, he was killed by a bullet to the head.

He made it home, sadly, in a wooden box.

The soldiers saluted.

The service was nice.

Sarah gave birth to a boy, Charles James.

Killed in action, 1969, Vietnam.

The madness kept moving forward, the body count kept rising.

A nicely folded flag, a salute by the guns…



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