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Mother, father, I cannot see myself, 
Everyone wears a mask, 
Not to deceive, but to hide,
Pain lost inside the memories of life.

I stood at the edge, looked over,
Wanted to jump off,
Free falling into bliss, the end nears.

I could not jump,
Humanity held me in place,
Kept me there, to live life,
Why, I have no idea, movements become labor,
Each step a pain, keeping alive, breathing, a task.

The edge stays there, tempting me, motioning to me, 
To take the easy step off, into darkness, a dreamed reality,
Awake my child, I wish the words would come, the darkness lifts, 
My eyes open, it was all a dream, I wish, I hope, but it keeps going on.

The sight is gone, the tastes are not there, the winds are dead, 
Mindless, wandering, falling over sharp stones, cutting me and I not bleed.

Trying to run away from the pain, the memories, into the words,
Like drugs, memories drifting down, do not blame yourself,
Search inside myself, to wake life once more.

Everyone tries to wear a mask, to hide the tears underneath the laugh.
The lies build into life, smiling, nodding, dreaming, living,
Rushing head long into the night, blind, grasping, feeling, dying,

Awake my children to the madness, awake, awake, see the wall 
Fast approaching, break the mirrors in your mind so you do not have to see,
The faces staring back at you, laughing, pointing, sneering,
The world is fast spinning, colliding inside with the demons fresh at your heels.

Ripping flesh, pulling meat from your bones, 
My body is dying, as is everyone, but I fast approach the wall,
Head long, eyes closed, breath held, break fast, jump,
Fall to the ground, fists pounding into the ground, breaking bone.

This is the end, my only friend, the end…

  1. Now this poem scares me a lot!!!

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