Here I sit, looking at all them people out there,
Trying to discover the meaning of life from the bottom of a bottle.


Man alive,
Trying to play the big game,
Who needs peace?

We are all saints,
Martyrs alive,
Or dead demons
In our chairs.

Visually blind
To fiends of grotesque features,
Blind to the world as a whole,
Only seeing that which makes it well.

Breaking down?
This is my normal,
My life,
My way,
Walking down a broken street,
Drinking my wine while the world dies.

Whispers gently on the wind,
Escaped from the lips,
From the mind,
Into the ears,
Back into someone else’s brain.

Is this Heaven?
Is reality just a dream
Until we awake from our life
By death?

Angel, angel, burning bright,
Politicians smoking grains from foreign lands.

It’s okay,
It’s alright,
It’s just a dream on a TV show!

Visitors in a world they did not create.
Who are you?
Where are you?
What? When?
Can we not ask without a cause?

Strange thoughts lost in rivers of times,
I would like to write a letter to the world,
And let it fall through space,
Forever down,
Catching freedom,
In its travels.

Let us partake in sweet life’s embrace.
We’ll nap when we are dead, tired then,
Not now,
For now, my friends,
We are alive,
In feeling,
And in breath,

Take it when we can,
Enjoy it as we will and do,
These are the times to run with the pack,
To feel the ground underneath our feet,
The wind at our back, the joy in our heart,
These are the times when we are alive….

  1. those last three sentences… dont forget it

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