I am wandering through the grass, slightly twisted, always fresh,
I am wandering, looking for safe passage, wandering through this thing called life.

I am wandering, pleasurably on better days, cut by the thorns, ripped through my flesh, on those rotten days.
I tried to follow you, you disappeared into the sun,
I still feel you, near me, calling me,
But for now, I wander down another trail,
Lonelier, missing you, the trail turning here and there,
Everywhere, dips into low valleys,
Across burning deserts,
Up into high mountains,
Down through the green hills below.

I am wandering,
Drifting through the seas, waves crashing, pouring over the side,
This is a big storm, heading in.

I would follow you, into the setting sun,
But alas, the journey is not over for me,
Long travel, salty road, hard times ahead probably,
This is not the end for me,
Journey onward, forward,
March, march, onward,
Towards the rising sun,
Following you, never catching.

I still talk to you, you whisper back, sweetly on the wind,
In the birds’ chirps, the smells of roses in the back yard,
I hear your voice among the trees, saying, “Catch me! Catch me if you can!”

I try, running towards you, the image of your memory sweetly in my brain,
I run towards you in a dream, almost there, you disappear, giggling like you did,
Alive, I am, dead inside some days,
I wish this all a dream, to awake to you, smiling at me, loving me.

Night time is the hardest, laying in bed,
Trying to fall asleep, wishing you were here, by me, holding me,
Loving me.

I am wandering, to and fro, back and forth,
Journey one way, dead end, try another.
Journey onward, slipping down the rocky slope,
Always onward, cannot go back, though wish I can.

I am wandering….

  1. some day you will find your destination

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