Random poetry from life: Mission One

Posted: May 19, 2013 in LIFE AND STUFF, POETRY, Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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Mission one was sent out from the dying Earth, to discover a way to rebuild life in its own image, its own thought.  We never thought they would return but we gave it hope, a breath into the voids of space, into time, to return someday when we were gone, destroyed by our own self, ripped, burned, raped, and scattered to the four winds.

But society would not die,
Would not give in,
This was our destiny, to never give up, to live,
A godless society built on the decay of the old givings, the old hopes, the old dreams, rebuilt on shaky grounds.

Hopes, dreams, children born, lived, birthed their own, to wander off into their own disease.

The adventure began, was followed, then ended and told by the millions of masses who continued their own adventure.

Walking towards the Devil,
Lights out, middle of the day,
Looking for the speed,
One hand out,
The other in the pocket,
Looking for something,
Finding nothing,
Reaching out,
Care for less, care full, kicking up the screen.

Death looks, find, creeps along,
Death comes, finds, creeps in,
Destroys, rebuilds, destroys again.

Mission one to ground control…

Go ahead Mission One…..

Ready to blow up the world, can I proceed?


Night time turned into day,
One minute, we’re sane,
The next, we’re walking along the edge, with a bottle of gin….


Insanity bottled and sold as sanity,
Souls for dollars in a game played on TV.

Worship at the fountain of despair,
Religion based on the stock market,
Bought and sold for a $1.95 a pound,
Sometimes more, if the markets gone!

Bottled for less at the Five and Dime,
Straight up jacked.

Congress called a session,
Wants their brains back,
That fell out of their ass last night to a song by Elton John.

Let the bodies hide where they may,
Not rot on the floor,
Freshly cleaned and mopped last night by a woman named Steve.

Can’t take much more,
Nothing wrong with me,
I just need something to kill the brain,
To the senility of the world, focused on the shi…

Jammed into a box, filled with the pains,
The diseases,
The end is near…

Can’t see through these eyes,
The world as it was meant to be,
Nothing left but a dark void,
Seemingly never ending,
To the end we go…

Journey onward, marching towards the goal,
Worship when we can, call God collect,
They are behind us,
Something is in front of us,
We are matched…


  1. How true this is:

    Death looks, find, creeps along,
    Death comes, finds, creeps in,
    Destroys, rebuilds, destroys again.

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