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Note: Many moons ago, I began writing this series, a book? I don’t know.

I started posting them on Myspace, just to share, and had lost them from my brain, just recently, rediscovering the nine or ten chapters I had written.

The land I built from my mind landed on the paper and I decided, it needed its story told.  Here are some of those stories!





The introductions

I stood in the darkness, near the edge of the moonlight, staring out from the under growth of the forest. A feast walked by, some would call her beautiful. And in my days as a human, I would have too.

Her eyes were green, like that of the far deep emerald oceans of my homelands.  Her blonde hair rolled down the side of her face, touching and glancing off her pale white skin.

Here I was, this hideous beast, ready for my next meal.

Her smell of lilacs drifted on the air, into my nostrils. I felt the saliva beginning to roll down from my mouth.  She stopped, looked around, she probably could sense her own demise, from my fangs, her life blood would be drained.

I stopped, that last second, from jumping from my hiding spot.

I didn’t know why, my body wanted to, wanted to spring upon her, feast on her delicate flesh and drink of her blood like it was the finest wine I had ever had.

But there I was, stopping.

Aye, my dear reader, I was hungry beyond the Gods’ for I hadn’t eaten for past the several weeks, as the king had put to his forest that no man, woman or child shall enter this cursed place due to some demon feasting upon the citizens of the land.

The nerve of this demon, I thought the first time I had read the notice posted on a tree near my lair, encroaching in on my territory.

 And then I was to discover that these men, these mortals, were calling me, Bshala, first of the kingdom of Talance, bearer of the seven seals, a hero of my own land, these peons, these, shall I burn my last unsinful act and call them asses, were calling I, a demon?

Such disrespect for their protector, a protector who had been a faithful guardian for more years than I could remember.

I pulled myself back into the shrubbery and pouted.

I could be eating a fine feast of possible virgin flesh but nay, I was lying on my belly, my head placed on my front legs, and I closed my eyes and slept.

I didn’t dream like most of the wolf lings did, or so I was told.

I dreamt of my previous life, in my homeland.

There was my wife, lovely as always, a blue ribbon tied into her hair, to keep the weave of it tight.

She waved at me, our small child, Aeregan, stood by her side.

He waved as well.

I waved back, smiling, I wanted to run to them, hold them in my arms, aye, my arms, like they were before the transformation.

I couldn’t run, nor even move.

I just stood there, looking at them, waving, smiling.

And then I heard the hoofs of  ten or more horses, moving to the side of me.

Each horse carried its own knight who brandished a weapon of their choice, a sword, a lance, whatever they could carry and kill with.

I watched in horror as one knight, wearing the armor of the Darkness ruler, Lord Haston, shoved his lance cleanly through my wife, her eyes went wide and then closed, one last gasp of air, a death cry, then she was gone, to join Mother Goddess Aeras in the after world.

Another knight, with his sword, severed off my son’s head and held it high, he chuckled, like a small school child would playing with a toy.

I jumped from the images and awoke, my heart was beating fast, hard, almost exploding from my chest. I eyed the darkness, growled a low rumbling growl and pushed my ears down low to my head. I could hear the hoof beats of horses, somewhere, out there, then the loud grunts of lowly humans, possibly searching for the young lady.

“Darlene!” one of the men yelled out, I could see their forms beginning to approach clearly.

I could smell their scents, mostly a mix of bad booze and the hint of rosemary, possibly their attempt at sprucing themselves for this day, searching out the fair maiden.

“Father! I’m here!” the lady shouted in return.

She stood near the bushes of my lair, I still wanted to jump out, and grasp her by the throat, drag her into the underbrush.

The men would be unable to stop me quickly enough and I would have a meal.

I still couldn’t.

I felt my muscle tighten, wanting to spring but I did not. I laid there, almost dozing off into another restless slumber.

“Why, my silly daughter, did you go out here, into forbidden land?” The man in the front said, dismounting his horse and hugging the girl tightly.

I smelled his kind before, noblemen from the king’s court, specifically a sheriff if I wasn’t mistaken.

The others smelled of shoe merchants and possibly a fish monger in the crew.

I slinked back as far as I could into the shrubbery.

I smelled the scent of a wolf killer, a hunter to the human race.

These men of ‘honor’ hunted my kind, in sport.

And here one sat not but a jump spring from me.

I could easily have my feast and this time there was no stopping.

I sprang forward, I heard the lady gasp, her father pushed her back and drew his sword.

I was still in the air, then I felt my teeth grasp the hunter’s throat.

He tried to pull his own sword, but I was too fast, a perfect machine, if I had to say so myself.

I felt his blood burst out from my fangs meeting his skin, I tasted the flow of his life on my tongue. I would feast this night. It would not be of a virgin but the hunter’s flesh was as good or better than some knights I had tasted.

I made it in good time, even with the almost dead hunter’s body dragging underneath me.

He gasped a few times as I jumped over a dead tree blocking the path.

I could hear the others trying to follow me, to free their comrade, but it was too late, I was in my farthest lair and took my bite into the still warm flesh and ripped some off and devoured it.

I could see the forms of the men pushing through the brush, swords drawn.

I smiled a little, some blood rolling from my mouth and falling to the ground.  I ate, till my belly was about to burst, and then I ate some more. And after I was finished, I curled up into a tight ball of fur and drifted off to sleep.

The dreams came, as they always did.

I was in the village of Marlotown, a fair ten day travel  from my original hometown.

A man stood in front of a mirror, trying on hats, tall ones, short ones, variety of hats.

I recognized the face as being me, in my previous life.

Another man approached.

I could see something in his hand, a dagger of some sort. He walked up behind me and pushed the dagger to my back.

“One false step and I shall kill you!” he whispered into my ear.

I awoke before the dream could finish, I heard the sounds of silence, too silent for a night such as tonight.

There were a few manko birds feeding off the tossed bits and pieces of my dinner but there was also a sound, slight, almost not noticeable by regular ears but mine, they were warning me, the knights were moving, for revenge.

I growled slightly and the birds scattered, they knew this wasn’t the place to be but also that soon, there would be more deaths, more food than any of the birds could possibly eat in one lifetime, let alone one day.

I spotted the first knight, to my left.

He was a good tall fellow and by the look of his face, barely old enough to be a scribe, let alone a king’s guard.

He shouted to the rest, “I’ve found its trail!”

My eyes grew to slits, targeting him.

I moved out of my lair and into the night air.

 I sniffed once, for a count, more than the scent. I could smell four of them, possibly five.

I moved quietly through the under brush, and then stopped, listened.

“Watch yourself my friend, ” another knight, older than the rest by my senses, yelled back from farther away and covered from sight with the trees.  “This wolf ling is a fast and deadly killer!”

I smiled, as closely as any wolf ling could actually smile.

The man knew to respect my deadliness.

I stalked closer to the youngest one, his sword swished over my head as he cut the high grass in front of him.

I was close enough to kill him but I didn’t, I move farther to the side of him and watched his movement through the grass.

“Crass! Crass! Watch where you fly that sword! You almost hit me!” one of the other knights yelled at the young man.

  He sighed, deep, sadly.

His name triggered a image to pop into my mind, I as a young soldier in the king’s army, another young man next to me, same garb as mine, only dirtier and more tousled.

“The Order Guardian will surely have your head for the way your shirt looks!”

He sighed, almost cried.

“I know! I know. My mother tried to wash it, which made it worse!” He looked down at the ground, shuffled his feet. I smiled and threw him a shirt, cleaned and pressed and he smiled as well and put it on.

“You know we’re going off to war, with the dogs Ravensquires!” I could hear the young fellow speaking as he put on the shirt. “We shall destroy them!”

I nodded.


Then as if by the commands of the Gods, I was back in the present, watching these men search for me, or at the very least the remains of the killed hunter.

They found neither and I could sense them moving away from me.

The youngest trailed behind and it would have been so easy to remove him from the life pool but I moved in the opposite direction and made it back to my lair, to fall asleep into a dreamless sleep.

  1. Excellent… keep going

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