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Summer rains have come
And gone,
Washed away the bitter tears.

Winter snows have blown away,
Fists of rage against it all.

Where have all the flowers gone?
Wilted, browned and blown away,
Never again to be seen in the same way.

Where have all the children gone?
Never born,
Never lived,
Trapped in limbo,
Never heard.

We are all just memories,
Lost in time,
Darkness shames the light away,
Trapped in madness,
Another sleepless night,
Where have all the dreams gone?
Pretty black velvet drapes my sight.

Lost in madness,
Light drowns my sorrow,
Gives me hope,
Then the darkness
Comes and blights it down.

Lay me down in hallow ground,
Don’t wake me from my slumber.

Dreamless nights of loneliness,
Worship words of happiness,

Life is filled with words of hate,
Loneliness and bitter pain.

We are all just worthless cogs in the machine,
Some driven by greed,
Some driven by necessity,
All of us worked by the machine.

Marching forward into time,
Where we stop, nobody knows.
We march forward, into fears,
Into hope,
Marching forward towards the cliff,
Eyes wide shut, purposely, so we cannot see the pending drop.

  1. sometimes if you close your eyes you miss some of the good stuff. I swear there is some somewhere

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