Posted: April 27, 2013 in POETRY, Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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I keep dreaming of seemingly soft beds filled with sharp nails, random objects thrown inside for cheap low prices.
Worm, thoughts, dig their way into my skull, reaching the core, trying to wake me before the demons do.

Nightmares in technicolor,  silent films,
Words garbled into a mass of unrecognized filth or a recipe for squash casserole.

Pretty lies of deformed beauty,
Nuclear Holocaust, nobody seems to notice,
Except I.

The cheerleaders cheer,
Go team!
I’m screaming,
“Run! Get out of here!”

Nobody listens,
They seem to hear me but keep smiling,
Their faces melt,
Still smiling, like plastic dolls in a furnace.

I try to wake, hello, is this thing on?
The world rebuilds, redraws, reboots?
The cheerleaders are cheering,
The team keeps playing,

I never played in school,
But there I am, playing, in my dream,
Bounce the ball, back and forth, pass it to my team mate,
He yells, “Fool! I cannot catch it with no hands!”


Still asleep in a chaotic world drawn and colored by my mind,
To keep me entertain?

Old school mates fill the stand,
Cheering, booing,
Wait, booing me?

I go outside the bounds,
Is this allowed?
Apparently so, the ref says so,
I’m still dribbling the ball,
I shoot,
Do I score?

I do not know,
I awake…


  1. as I say someone has to save the cheerleaders– even in your dreams

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