Prayer to the Sweet Earth: Random Writing at Midnight

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I am falling,
Never to see the light,
Falling down, no bottom in sight,
No end to see.

Weep, caged inside myself,
Wandering through the mine fields of my life,
To see the edge of madness,
To feel the steel blade across the skin,
The rain wiping away the tears clean from my eyes.

Hell is a place on Earth,
Without you, I am not the same,
I’d rather have lost you to another mortal being,
Then lost you to the grave.

Songs remind me of what we had,
What we had lost,
What we had gained,
Then, I begin again.

Standing on the edge, waiting for you,
Crying out for you, the sane, the world,
Creeps around me, staring at me, wondering about me,
I am nothing, not a thing, empty here without you.

I am still falling, down, ever down, no bottom, no end, will it never end?

Soul screaming, voice dead inside, the fingers keep typing, words to you,
Happy, sad, rage, madness, creeping along down some broken highway in the middle of the desert, sun gone, night time falling, should sleep, but I ain’t tired.

I dream, silly sometimes, me, you, sometimes you, sometimes me, nothing sometimes, black wall, high ceilings, guys in coats with clipboards nodding or shaking their heads.

Windows, too high to see outside, is this reality? And the rest, some awful dream, put here by my mind as a prison to my own actions?

I never know.

I never see.

I keep lying on the floor, arms holding me, rocking back and forth on my heels, delusional, semi-aware of my reality, according to some doctor in a white coat and his assistants who gather about him like a carnival of wolves.

Walls seem higher, the windows lost in a darkened haze.  

Could this be my life?

I hope not, I want to see the sun again, see the rain, feel the warm embrace of someone, anyone, touching my skin, touching my lips, making love forever and ever, amen?

The lines drift, roll over, die.  What lines? I don’t know.  
I would stop here, make my home here, but, I keep moving on, forward, backward, down the same road, left, right, stop.

Who wrote this play that I’m living now? I’d like to punch them in the nose, call them horrible names, someone to listen to my curses, that’s all I need.

I am standing in the middle of a field, arms outstretched, wind is comforting me, the sun is kissing my skin.  

Hold me sweet earth, if I should fall, embrace me in your love, hold me till the pain goes away, I am yours, and you are mine, we shall never part, no death shall take us away, no lies shall darken our lives.

Sweet earth, blessed earth, take me as I am, worthless and alone, a lost soul and make me whole again, I pray to you, blessed earth.

Good night my sweet earth, may I sleep and awake from this dream, fresh and new, and you by my side once again.

  1. Nothing but hugs and love.. Beautiful words

  2. Assadicthorn says:

    Hugs and love back! Thank you!

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