Posted: March 9, 2013 in Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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Old life is hard, especially without you,
I feel so damn blue, sitting here, thinking about you,
Wishing I could reach out and touch you, but all I feel is air.
Too many problems,
Ain’t got time for the blues.
Road, road, take me away,
I wanna go home,
Back to a time,
When every thing was fine.

I’m like a roller coaster heading for a cliff,
No time to slow down,
Eyes closed,
Heart beating fast,
This could be it,
This could be the end,
But I think coaster has stopped.

I’m living life on bottle at a time,
Couldn’t find Jesus, God was all gone,
Whiskey and lime were there, all the answers,
May have been wrong, but oh lord, Heaven is gone!

I woke up today, wandered around, found myself by the phone,
Can’t call you now, Heaven ain’t got a listed number, even the preacher don’t know.
I wish you had just dumped me and divorced me instead.
Life don’t seem the same without you, wish it was me instead,
Then you could say,
‘That old bastard, he’s rotting in Hell, drinking his wine, and singing the blues…..


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