Posted: March 6, 2013 in Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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Times, bodies, things change.
Wake up, fight, breathe, sit back down, go to sleep.
Wait, is this it?

This is it, don’t give up, the best is yet to come!


No! This is it.

Got to live, breathe, get up, fight, fight, run, wait, then later, die.

This is it?

Probably, maybe procreate, leave a gene, leave a child, leave your mark.


No, not really.  You won’t procreate, sorry.

This isn’t the end, only the beginning, ever forward, into the dawn, towards the sun, hands outreached, trying to grasp, pull us further.

Happiness comes, silently, just for a brief visit, then the sadness rejoins us, slapping us on the back as old friends rejoined.

I move ever forward, one step in front of the other, moving, moving, march, march, march.

Step forward, two back, turn and repeat the process, left, right, right, left, up, down, get in the hole, march back.

See, hear?

Nothing there but darkness forward but move forward, back again, repeat the process.

Down, left, over the hill, down the mountain, into the gully.

Whisper softly, sweet name, remember her.

Keep moving forward, ever forward, march, march, march.



Forward, into madness, grasping, clawing, mud in my face, down my throat, weep, cry, fall down, can’t keep moving, never ever, get up, try again.



General orders: To keep living even when you don’t want to.

Will I succeed?

Nobody gets out of here alive…


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