THE SUNDAY MORNING REVIEW: Life is like a big bag of poo, you know what you’re going to get but you still go in with hope…stupid hope!

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello and welcome to another wonderful post from the bear who gave you the world in a bottle!

I decided that a Sunday blog would be a good place to give you a view into my world, to make you go, HELLO! THIS IS BEAR? I LIKE BEAR! LET US BEGIN TO TALK!

I’m also doing nothing right now, just sitting on my butt, watching some late night broadcast TV, and eating a chicken sandwich.

It’s a good chicken sandwich, has bacon, cheese, good bread too.

Every chicken sandwich should be this good.

The TV show I’m watching ain’t that good but the commercials suck too.

Make me feel sad, adopting kids from foster care.

Poor kids that get me as a dad, but my fur is nice and soft, so maybe that’s a plus.

The teeth and my love for broiled children might be a put off, so I changed channels!

The show I was watching was making me depressed as well, the character in the show finds out her job as a travel agent has been removed to make way for a sandwich shop and she, like me, can’t get hired by ANYONE.

Her reason might be because she’s a total ass bitch.

Mine might be because I like to eat broiled human.

Not really.


I don’t know!

Now the song, SHE BANG, is playing for a commerical for The People’s Court.

I need to dance.

And sing.




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