Posted: April 15, 2011 in Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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I’m not sure what the heck this blog will be about, but I decided, that well, I want to have a place to call my own, a new place, with plush green carpet, so soft, it’ll make you glad your butt’s still there.

So anyways, what will this blog be about?

I’m not sure yet.

It could be about plush green carpet and my butt.

If that sounds interesting to you, then, hello, welcome to my blog, won’t you step on in!

I sometimes like to write poetry and bad fiction and this might become the spot for such items to be posted in the hope that Google finds it and when people search for ‘Alien porn’, they’ll discover my blog, WANDERING WHERE I AM GOING!

A bear’s life indeed.

I’ve been told that I won’t gain any readers on WordPress, and well, if I don’t, then so be it, I do better when I think nobody is reading anyways.

See ya in the funny papers,

I’m out….

  1. scanner says:

    Is there no where you won’t go to be seen? hah, just kidding! I hope to be reading some of your serious stuff here sometime. You are very good at it. Give me a heads up and I’ll fly by, if my arms aren’t to tired!


    • Assadicthorn says:

      Nope, I’m cheap and easy!! Teeheehe!! ;D I’ll give ya heads up my friend, probably won’t be as regular as my OTHER blog(cause the fine blog of WINE, WOMEN AND THONGS pays the bills!! :D) but will try to be at least weekly….

      So far, I’m liking the WordPress, especially the category thingie, can throw stuff into their own little bins so if people want to read about my butt, they can!! 😀

  2. Crap I remembered my password hahahah

  3. Well, let me know and I will run over and check the green shag carpet anytime it needs checkin’. This sure looks like a classy place!!!

  4. xenonlit says:

    Well congratulations and welcome, you fluffy, squeezable bear! The theme is you, too. Is this from the last time you painted your rooms?

  5. Hayley Rose says:

    Good luck with the new space! Narrowing down you blog subject matter can be tricky, but you’ll figure it out!

  6. Rolling says:

    you are unbelievable and full of surprises 🙂
    welcome to the world of WP and the template you chose is awesome.
    why the number 6?

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